My Favorite Drill & Giveaway!

20150208-055443The world of drills is often hard to navigate.  Not only are there different brands (sometimes they are actually the same brand but in different packages – I’ll explain more on this soon), but there are different sizes, types and batteries.  I have been keeping my eye on drills and the industry for about 3 years now and I want to tell you what my favorite drill is and why.

Before I explain, please know that this drill is not for every single application.  There are certain tools for certain tasks, and drills are no different.  But if you are like me, you need your money to go as far as it can.  And I think this drill does just that.

My favorite drill is the Bosch PS21 12 Volt Max Pocket Driver.  This particular set that I am showing you in the pictures comes with two Lithium Ion Batteries that are 2.0 Ah.  These are the better batteries that you can get in the 12v line up.  For reference, the 12v drill models are lighter duty than 18v or 20v models and are usually less expensive.  I have used this drill with the old and less powerful batteries for about 2 years straight.  I also recently bought the bigger batteries (the same ones that come with this set here) and noticed a huge difference when I started using them.

Also, because I love this drill so much, I am giving this set away.  Below I’ll give a quick run down on this drill as well as details on how to win this drill kit.

Like I mentioned, this is the smaller and lighter duty Bosch model in the 12v.  What sets it apart is its size, durability and 2 speed settings.  The first speed setting has 0-350 RPM and the second setting has 0-1,300 RPM.  This is plenty of power in this small package.

Notice how well it fits in my hand. Forward and reverse clicks are right there and ready.


It is important to know that this drill will not take every drill bit or screw head.  They must have the extra nut and notch on them.  Check out the next photos to see how this works.  What makes this feature great is that changing bits or drivers is a cinch.  You can even do it one handed when you get the trick down.  You pull up on the round holder, making room for the bit head to slide in and then release.  Boom.  Locked in.




It’s a bit hard to see, but note the knobs on the end of each driver bits.


This model, in my opinion, is better than the impact driver because you can change the speed of the drill.  You can change the torque settings to fit your application, making it very versatile.



The LED light works great underneath and lights up your work with out burning your eyes out if you happen to look at it.  This is a feature that Black and Decker failed to fix on their recent 20v drill.




Batteries.  If you get the 12v Lithium Ion Batteries that are 2.0 Ah you are getting great power right off the bat.  I highly recommend these batteries if you are able to buy them.  They last longer and are more powerful.  The only downside to this drill that I can find is that here is no on-board battery indicator.  But that doesn’t bother me too much.



And the fun part is that I am giving this set away for free! That’s right, I am doing a Bosch* favorite drill giveaway. And I am including one of our most popular products, a reclaimed pallet clock in the Tropical Bay color.  The drill kit sells for $99 and our clocks are $48 so thats $150 worth of prizes if you win!  All you have to do is head over to our @instagram page and you will see this picture.  Just repost this picture and tag it #FieldTreasureDrillGiveaway.  That’s it!  To gain an extra entry, sign up here for our webmail and comment below that you did with your instagram name.  If you repost and sign up, that gives you 2 total entries.

Winner will be announced Friday night.

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If you don’t want to wait, you can buy this set online here…

Buy Here: Amazon (Currently $96.03)
Buy Here: Lowes (Currently $99.98) I am pretty sure the have the less powerful batteries in this kit, so be warned.


*The Robert Bosch Corporation is in no way involved with this giveaway.  I purchased the set on my own and am giving it away.  No-one is paying me in any way to do this.

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