Our 2014 Holiday Shipping Guide



Make sure to get your goods in time for Christmas by following the guide below.



We will ship your items on time for Christmas. {The ONLY exception is coffee beans. They must be ordered two days before the cutoff dates.} Here is an ESTIMATED guide. We cannot control the speed of the USPS, and Priority Mail 2-3 day shipping is NOT guaranteed, but here is a guideline for the dates you must order by if you want to receive in time for Christmas.

Dec 8 – USA First Class
Dec 12 – USA Priority Mail
Dec 14 – Shipping prices will increase and we will only ship USA Priority Mail Express
Dec 17 – USA Priority Mail Express
Dec 17 – FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery

We will likely CLOSE OUR SHOP on Dec 17th. ORDER SOON to make sure you get your goods!

Happy Holidays!