DIY Project Plans

Welcome to the online home of my DIY Project Plans. These are projects that YOU can do! Each plan is filled with detailed instructions, step by step plans and links to all the resources you need for your next build. Click/tap any of the graphics to reach the download page of each Project Plan.

DIY Outdoor Sectional Plans

We saved so much money designing and building our own Sectional for our deck and we love this thing. My 30+ page project plans will make it easy for you to build your own! Download the plans HERE.

Battery Charging Station

My Battery Charging Station has been a great addition to my shop. Download the plans HERE.

DIY Bunk Bed PlansThis is a classic set of Bunk Beds that will last over time. Using construction lumber, it is also inexpensive. Download the plans HERE.

Dream Miter Saw Station PlansMy Dream Miter Saw Station is a cutting and storage powerhouse. It gives you tons of room to make cuts and tons of places to store your materials and tools. This will be an incredible addition to your workshop! Download the plans HERE.

Easy Workbench PlansThis is one of  the fastest and easiest Workbenches that you can put together in your shop, especially if you don’t have much space. Download the plans HERE.

Modern Mailbox PlansGive your mailbox a modern upgrade with these Modern Mailbox plans. Download the plans HERE.

Paulk Workbench Table Saw Mount PlansIf you have the Paulk Workbench or a similar design, my Table Saw Mount project is the perfect addition to mount the table saw to it! Download the plans HERE.

Small Closet Adjustable Shelves PlansIf you are short on closet space but want to maximize your options, graph my shelf plans that will help you make it happen. Download the plans HERE.

Wood Mantel Project PlansDon’t spend a fortune on a wood mantel that you can make yourself with a few tools and some inexpensive pieces of wood. Download the plans HERE.

One Sheet Plywood Table Project Plans
I designed an outdoor dining table that can be built with just ONE sheet of 3/4″ plywood. It is simple and sturdy and we love it. And we can leave it outside and not worry about it since it was such an easy build and inexpensive. Download the plans HERE.

Thanks for checking out my Project Plans Page. In case you missed them, check out my recent builds HERE.