Shop Vac Caster Upgrade

Let’s face it. Shop Vac casters are terrible! The don’t roll or swivel very well and are cheap plastic and loud.

In today’s episode, I am going to show you how I upgraded my shop vac with some awesome new casters. After searching around for some new ones that could just plug into the holes of the shop vac and failing to find what I needed, I decided to modify the base of my shop vac in order to put new and improved casters on them. Enjoy!

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(1) 18″ Round Edge Glued Pine
(1) 1″ × 4″ White Wood
(4) 2″ Rubber Swivel Casters
Cabinet Screws
1″ Wood Screws
Black Spray Paint


Random Orbital Sander:
Sanding Discs:
DeWalt Miter Saw:
18v Bosch Drill/Driver:
12v Bosch Drill/Driver:


Canon 80D:
Canon 10-18mm Wide Lens:
Canon 50mm Lens:
Canon 18-55mm Lens:
Rode Video Mic:
iPhone X:
iPhone Tripod Mount:
Recording to iPhone:
Recording to computer:



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