DIY Doll Bunk Beds!

I wanted to give my daughters a handmade gift this year for Christmas, and thanks to my friend Jamison over at Rogue Engineer, I made them these awesome DIY Doll Bunk Beds! I was able to get the free plans off of his website (link HERE) and only took a few days to make! At the end, it was so fun to give my kids a a handmade gift for Christmas. This is an awesome gift to make anytime of year for your kids! Hope you enjoy!



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Here aren the DETAILS:


(2) 1” x 1” x 36” Square Dowels
(1) 1/2” x 2’ x 4’ Plywood 4”
(1)1, 1/2” 18 Gauge Nails
(1) 2” x 22” x 22” Craft Foam (purchased at Walmart)
(2) 2’ x 2’ craft fabric swatches (purchased at Walmart)
Titebond Wood Glue:
Rustoleum Interior Stain, Weathered Gray:
//////  TOOLS USED
Kreg Saw Guide:
18 Gauge Nailer:
Canon 10-18mm Wide Lens:
Canon 50mm Lens:
Canon 18-55mm Lens:
iPhone X:
iPhone Tripod Mount:
Recording to iPhone:
Recording to computer: