Twelve South Book Book for iPhone 6


Twelve South is one of my favorite accessory makers for Apple products.  I upgraded to the iPhone 6 last fall, and I decided to go with the “Book Book” for iPhone.

The Book Book for the iPhone is said to be appealing not only because it looks like a little book but  also because it can combine your wallet and your iPhone case, thus only making it only necessary to carry one item instead of two.  It is said to be made of leather.



I actually don’t use the Book Book for my wallet and only my iPhone case.  There are two reasons why I  made this choice.

1) When I put all my cards in my Book Book, it was too thick with too many cards and cash.  I suppose when I start using apple pay more often it will reduce my number of credit cards needed which might mean I could stick one or two into the case.

2) I have found that I don’t need my wallet “on me” nearly as much as I have my phone around me.  For example, I don’t need to carry my wallet around the house with me making it unnecessary extras with me all the time.

I do use the slots to keep my two different business cards.

I like the fold/book design because it not only covers and the screen when not needed but it doesn’t look as obnoxious when I am in meetings and want to look up information for reference or the notes.  It also doesn’t hurt to hide those occasional texts in a meeting.

The other cool aspects of the case is that it can form an easy stand for landscape mode and the actual plastic case around the phone can come off giving you a full detached case.  You can see more about this on the product photos on either site below. Meanwhile, here are some shots I took of it in my shop.  I also compare it to my wallet.




BUY NOW: via Twelve South  | $59.99

BUY NOW: via Amazon | $59.99