Complete Saw Horse Desk Giveaway

20150412-110545It’s true, I am doing an insanely awesome desk giveaway this week. This is by far my biggest giveaway yet.  It includes on of our saw horse desks, a vintage desk chair, an FTD aviator mug and one of our new maker space scented candles! All free and shipped free. You can see what the cost and details of each item by clicking these links:

Desk | Candle | FTD Aviator Mug

If you repost this photo on Instagram and hashtag #fieldtreasuredeskgiveaway, you are entered to win!

You can gain an additional entry by signing up for our webmail on our website.  Just comment below letting me know if you signed up and make sure to write your INSTAGRAM name!

I will be drawing the winner sometime Friday night, 4/17.

Here are more pictures of the desk and extras.





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254 thoughts on “Complete Saw Horse Desk Giveaway

  1. I’m trying to join the email list, but it is saying access denied. Not sure why.
    My Instagram name is @chburgess

  2. @Matthewsee

    So stinkin stoked about this giveaway, your amazing dude, keep up the amazing work, you are mighty talented and I just add an extra blessing for you and your family and your business in Jesus name!

  3. Instagram: @majzkag (private account) Can’t believe the generosity behind this. You guys are really going to bless someone. Regards, Michael

  4. Wow, this is so amazing!! You could make this writer very happy!! My instagram is julezallen !!

  5. Oh my gosh – would be amazing to win and edit photos on this gorgeous piece! Keep up your great work!

    Thankful I stumbled on this giveaway via IG @cb_curtin

  6. @emilyjeanbenner on instagram. Would love to win this and use as my writing desk at home! So beautiful. Just signed up for your newsletter too. Keep up the amazing work!

  7. THIS IS AMAZING! i didn’t recieve a conformation e-mail yet. my instagram is @krissaleahdubois ahhhhh! so much fun!

  8. I’m super excited about this! I love your work and I’m pretty stoked to have been able to see your business grow so much (and I’m sure so much more after this giveaway!)

    Signed up for the mailing list and my Insta is @sseachell

  9. hatchem is the instagram!

    LOVE, LOVE your stuff! Keep up the good work! Would die for this giveaway!! I could really use a desk! FINALLY moving into my own place and have zero furniture! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us!

    • @emhatch8 (I forgot I changed it recently!)

      LOVE, LOVE your stuff! Keep up the good work! Would die for this giveaway!! I could really use a desk! FINALLY moving into my own place and have zero furniture! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us!

  10. @salaria #fieldtreasuredeskgiveaway

    regrammed, tagged, newsletter all signs up for, and here we go: fingers super-tightly crossed!!!

  11. @salaria #fieldtreasuredeskgiveaway

    regrammed, tagged, newsletter all signed up for, and here we go: fingers super-tightly crossed!!! what an absolutely gorgeous design- I can only imagine how much work I’d get done knowing I’d never want to leave my desk…

  12. I signed up- IG Name @chlcbennett Ohh my gosh. This would be a dream come true. My fiancé and I literally have nothing- what a great way to start off our future home & medschool!

  13. I just tried subscribing to your email list but it keeps saying access denied. Love your work. Is there a different way to subscribe?

    IG – @jim_barnhart

  14. Signed up and excited about this insanely awesome giveaway! Beautiful, beautiful work that will be enjoyed by whoever wins! You can find me on instagram at @amylloh

  15. I also tried to sign up for your newsletter and it said access denied. My Instageam name is @annakateselby

  16. Happy to have posed on Instagram and now signed up for your newsletter. You make functional art. Photos are also great! #fieldtreasuredeskgiveaway

  17. This is an awesome giveaway! The winner will be a very lucky and happy person for sure! @progress126 is my Instagram name and I’ve signed up for your newsletter! Reposted your photo there as well.

  18. I subscribed and my IG name is USILLYPUS6 beautiful desk chair candle and mug giveaway. I hope I win. I trully need one.

  19. 1. Love you guys and your handiwork
    2. Instagram name is graceface_85
    3. Love that you use mail chimp 🙂 it is what I use to keep track of emails I send to my supporters for my ministry updates 🙂

  20. @brendanjames on Instagram. Love your designs and your giveaways. Thanks for being so generous! Would love to win this for my fiancé and I’s first home together!

  21. My husband LOVES your stuff! He works from home and has been trying to decide on the perfect desk. This is it!!

    I entered on Instagram and here and signed up for the newsletter!!

    Insta: @claire_babba

    Yay!!! So excited and hoping we win!

  22. Hi! I signed up! My Instagram handle is Sleeplikestarfish.
    I’m a mother of two graduating from college in December with a creative writing degree and I need a place to write! It would be so inspiring to start my career- at 41 yrs old- writing at this special, handcrafted desk!

  23. Reposted it, already signed up for blog. @jdlambe and I still haven’t moved waiting for the direct message!

  24. LOVE all your stuff! Have your pallet clock 🙂 Would absolutely love to feature this desk in my renovation project!! IG – @letloveinvade and signed up for email 🙂 What a great opportunity, thank you for the chance!

  25. Thanks for doing such a fun giveaway! I signed up for the newsletter and I am @rebekah_ruth on instagram.

  26. Attempted to sign up twice…got error messages both times. Hope my Instagram repost carries me through!


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