Instagram Crazy Coffee Set Giveaway

Something really cool is about to drop with us and the Chemex Corporation!  To celebrate it I have lost my mind and am doing an insanely awesome coffee kit giveaway!  Here is how to enter. It is super easy.  Just repost our Instagram photo (shown below) either by using the one below or screen shotting the one on Instgram.  Just shout out @fieldtreasuredesigns and #ftdcoffeegiveaway.


If you want an additional entry, sign up for our email list on our website here and comment below on this post if you did.  This only applies to NEW sign ups.

Here is everything you get if you win:

  • Chemex 8 Cup Coffee Brewer
  • Pack of 100 filters
  • Field Treasure Designs Hot Pad
  • Bona Vita Gooseneck Kettle
  • Hario Ceramic Hand Grinder
  • Field Treasure Designs Copper Pour Over Stand
  • Hario Ceramic Pour Over Filter Cup
  • Single cup coffee filters
  • Field Treasure Designs x LS Leather Aviater Mug
  • Aeropress Complete Coffee System
  • Bag of District Coffee House Blend

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    I like coffee.

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      I subscribed! I could drink coffee all day. Wait, some days I actually do 😉

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    I tried to subscribe but it took me to an “access denied” page I’d love to subscribe to your newsletter (and have another entry ) can you use me email address from this post to do so? Thanks ☺

  25. mike says:

    seriously. this giveaway. yum.

  26. ngkjeldgaard says:

    Subscribed I think…got an access denied page, so I registered for an account. Would love to grab another entry for this fantastic set!

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    Same problem as ngkjeldgaard, but I made an account. Hope it still counts!

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  32. Janda says:

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    i subscribed! I recently got my church hooked on pour over coffee so this would help get our coffee bar up and running!!

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    Pick me to win and I’ll make coffee for others!

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    I just discovered FTD thanks to the IG giveaway…I think I’m in serious Like.

    1. joy says:

      Ps…I signed up!

  56. joy says:

    Very, VERY necessary!
    I just discovered FTD thanks to the IG giveaway…I think I’m in serious Like!

    Ps I signed up!

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      Mark! Great news. You just won the giveaway. Please reply with your @instagram name as soon as you can. Thanks!

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    PS – in love the snappies. I have recently discovered Snapchat too and it’s FUN!

  119. Coffee please.

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    Thank YOU!!!!!

  163. I love coffee so much that I want to do a spoof like Breaking Bad, except called Brewing Bad. This kit above would allow me to make the best coffee possible in an RV in the desert. I could then stand with my mug in hand, in my underwear, in the middle of a dirt road in the desert. My life would then take a turn where I work with a coffee addict in hopes of taking care of my family…this kit helps me finally live out my dream. 🙂

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