DeWalt DW745 Table Saw Unboxing and Details!

I finally purchased my new table saw – the DeWalt DW745!

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After owning a few table saws over the years, I sold them before we moved knowing that I was going to shop for a new one.  I wanted a table saw that was portable and powerful since I wasn’t sure what my shop set up would be, and I wanted to be able to take it with me if I have projects in the field.  I compared to Ridgid and Bosch, as well as the more expensive version (by $100) of this saw, the DWE7480 (which the biggest difference other than price is that it rips up to 24″ and is heavier – both not enough to justify it for me.)

Here’s my unboxing video.

Everything was awesome!  I have already used it a few times and here is what I love…

  1. Not too heavy but very firm on the table, even when starting and during use.
  2. Rack and pinion fence rail system.  This is a NO-BRAINER.  To only have to dial the fence in square once and be able to slide it back and forth is amazing.
  3. The non-jump start.  It turns on strong without a major jolt and is smooth.
  4. The blade and action out of the box was near perfect.  I don’t need a new blade for a while.
  5. The cord is good material and strong.
  6. The feet are stable and grip well.
  7. The throat plate is well constructed and strong.
  8. The dust collection housing is metal and fits the hose connecter great.
  9. Plenty of power.
  10. The price!

This is a great saw.  I am planning on building a Paulk Workbench and mounting this saw on the side so I didn’t need a stand and am going to have plenty of out feed table space.

DeWalt DW745 (no stand) – BUY HERE

DeWalt DW745 (w/ Stand) – BUY HERE

DeWalt DWE7480 (to compare) – BUY HERE

Bosch GTS1031 (to compare)  – BUY HERE