My DIY Standing Desk Modification!

When I started setting up my office the first thing I needed was a desk.  After looking on Facebook Marketplace I finally found one!  The only problem was that it was a little too short and I really have been wanting to join the standing desk movement.  So for $20 I bought some posts at

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DIY Floating Pipe Shelves!

I’ve decided to completely re-do my office and as part of the overhaul, I decided to upgrade from a standard bookshelf and make my own DIY Pipe Floating Shelves.  This project only took a couple of days, but you can easily do it in a day! Before we get started, make sure to follow me

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Video: How to Assemble a Clock Movement

One of our best selling items is the reclaimed pallet clock.  And those clocks run on what is called a “clock movement”.  Unfortunately, sometimes, those clock movements stop working. I put together this video to help demonstrate how to assemble a clock movement in case we ever have to send you a new one. And since

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