Nebraska Trip Travel Essentials

We are heading to Nebraska tomorrow and I am getting my gear all packed up.  Here are my gadget/gear essentials that I am bringing along. Alite Mayfly Chair When all the couches are taken at my wife’s parent’s house, a guys gotta sit!  Also, I can’t wait to take this guy camping one day.  Mercy

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Holiday Gift Guide (2014)

“All I Want for Christmas is…” some great stuff from makers that I mostly discovered and met through Instagram. These guys are genuine makers and I love their stuff! // A print from @handletteringco. // The Leather Aviator Mug from @loyalstricklin. // Coffee Beans from @righteous_roaster. Perfect for our Chemex pour over brewer!

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The Goal is to MAKE. Not to Sell.

Dear self: The goal is to MAKE.  Not to sell. Before anybody thinks any of your stuff is cool or wants to buy something from you, they need to understand what you are all about. And before anyone else can understand what you are all about, you need to make sure you understand what Field Treasure

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