The Field Treasure Podcast is LIVE!

The time has finally come, my friends!

I am starting a Podcast.

After starting and successfully running Field Treasure Designs as a side business/hobby for 5 years now, we are going in a new direction and one of the new projects is to launch a Podcast.  The goal is simple. I want to share with you what all I have learned and talk with others who have gone through similar experiences, all with the end result being value for you, the listener.   Somehow, I (with my wife’s incredible help) was able to run this crazy side business along side growing our family (we went from 1 daughter to now 3 children), graduating graduate school and working full time.  Oh, and we moved TWICE throughout the process.  Sometimes I still can’t believe it.

We have cultivated an awesome community and audience for Field Treasure and I know there are so many of you out there that are trying to start something on the side but could use some help and advice.

I will be inviting guests on the show to have a genuine conversation about life, work and startup in all kinds of fields, creatives, woodworkers, diy bloggers, general store owners, coffee roasters, ship captains, makers, artists, and many more!

Ok, enough reading already. This is supposed to be a Podcast!  Don’t bother reading anything else, just tune in to the Intro Episode to learn more! (It’s only 7 minutes.)

Talk to you soon!





4 Replies to “The Field Treasure Podcast is LIVE!”

  1. Travis says:

    Love it! Everything you are sharing has been so relevant to me. I’m really looking forward to hearing more!

    1. Andrew says:

      Travis, Thanks so much man!

  2. Brieland says:

    First thing I made on my side business was a floating shelf…for our bedroom…in our new house . This is fantastic; I’m hooked!!!

    1. Andrew says:

      That is awesome! So glad you are interested in this Podcast. Thanks for letting me know. -andrew

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