Assembling Your DIY Pallet Clock

Since we have been selling our DIY Pallet Clock Kits, this post is LONG overdue!

Nevertheless, here it is, your HOW-TO instructions (with pictures!) on how to make a reclaimed pallet clock.

Since your kit comes with all your parts ready, I did not include instructions on how to make the parts. That might come at a later time.  These instructions are for those of you who have unpackaged your Reclaimed Pallet Clock Kit and are ready for action!

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 The first step is to take your reclaimed pallet boards and line them up the way you want them.  Also, this is the time to identify if you want to paint a board, or all of the boards.  Make sure you do that before you assemble them.  DIY Pallet Clock


Next, slide them all together, to make sure that you like the arrangement.DIY Pallet Clock


Now, turn over the boards in the same order that you placed them in.DIY Pallet Clock

Your pallet pieces should now be laying on their back but in the same order.  I like to push them up against a block or the wall so that they are tight against each other.DIY Pallet Clock


Take a second and hammer in your sawtooth hanger to the back of the shorter bracket.DIY Pallet Clock


Now you can lay all your brackets on the backside.  Place them on the perimeter of the sides and the top.DIY Pallet Clock


Then, glue next to them so that your spacing is correct.  I use Titebond 2 wood glue.  *Gluing is optional however highly recommended.DIY Pallet Clock

DIY Pallet Clock


Next, carefully screw in your brackets with a drill.  I set my torque setting to about 10-15 as to not drill all the way through the clock.DIY Pallet Clock


Boom!  All screwed in and secure.DIY Pallet Clock

Now turn your clock over.DIY Pallet Clock


Now you are all set to find the horizontal center and drill you clock movement hole.  (The vertical axis is automatically centered by where two middle boards meet.)DIY Pallet Clock

DIY Pallet Clock
DIY Pallet Clock

Drill that hole! Make sure you use a 7/16th inch drill bit.DIY Pallet Clock

Boom!  You are all ready to finish your clock.DIY Pallet Clock


Now your DIY Pallet Clock is all ready for you to paint the numbers on it and install the movement!  You can check out my video that explains how to do that HERE!