#fieldtreasurechristmas GIVEAWAY!

This week, over on Instagram, we are doing our biggest holiday gift giveaway package ever!

To win all this goodness, all you have to do is 1) Follow @fieldtreasuredesigns, 2) Repost the photo on Instagram with tags, #fieldtreasurechristmas and @fieldtreasuredesigns and that’s it!

If you want a SECOND entry (meaning that it is only activated once you reposted and followed on Instagram, comment below sharing what your perfect Christmas morning is. Β Comment along with your Instagram name so we can find you!

Here are the details on what you can win!

Brand New Round Clock by Field Treasure Designs. Measures 24" x 24"

Brand New Round Clock by Field Treasure Designs. Measures 24″ x 24″


Makers Space Candle


Cuppow Lid for Aviator Mug Mason Jar


8 Cup Chemex Coffee Brewer


Aviator Mug with the FTD Logo


Box of 100 Chemex Coffee Filters (natural)


Makers Blend Coffee by Field Treasure Designs x District Roaster Co.




























The total value here is over $250.00!

Winner will be drawn randomly on Saturday night, December 12, 2015.

Merry Christmas!

215 Replies to “#fieldtreasurechristmas GIVEAWAY!”

  1. Lauren says:

    So so sweet! Love the design and handcrafted vibe. You guys are great! Hoping to win!

    1. Lauren says:

      My Instagram name is laurenridleyl and my perfect Christmas morning is waking up having a yummy breakfast with my family (usually waffles) and start opening the presents. Simple but it is my favorite.

      1. Andrew says:

        Sounds awesome!

      2. Andrew says:

        Simple is good! Awesome plan.

  2. Meghan Allen says:

    My perfect Christmas morning is sleeping in a bit with my husband, then making some chocolate chip waffles and coffee for breakfast. The Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack is playing in the background. The tree is lit, and we are cozy on the couch. We take some time to read over Luke 2 in the Bible, then open our gifts from one another. Later, we go to each of our parents’ houses to celebrate with them. I can’t wait!!

    IG: @themumscorner_

    1. Andrew says:

      Very cool. I need to try that soundtrack!

    2. Andrew says:

      Sounds like it is going to be wonderful!

  3. Darek says:

    IG name: morrisdarek

    My perfect Christmas morning is waking up with my wife, making a good cup of home roasted coffee in my aviator cup talking about the love of Christ and how good his grace has been to us the past year.

    1. Andrew says:

      Awesome! So glad the aviator mug makes the story! πŸ™‚

  4. Yesteacher says:

    My perfect Christmas morning includes a large hot breakfast (waffles, please!), the kids’ excited squeals, and reading the first Christmas story before ripping into gifts!!

  5. Caleb says:

    My perfect Christmas morning is waking up with my family, making a fresh cup of coffee and sitting down to read the Christmas story. Then we put a Christmas record on, open gifts around the tree and eat chocolate chip waffles. My Instagram name is: caleb.barnes

    1. Andrew says:

      Sounds so great. Those waffles. I want!

  6. Paul says:

    @pavandemark – perfect Christmas morning is good coffee, good breakfast, and family.

  7. Sarah says:

    Instagram handle: s_dietrich
    My perfect Christmas morning would be waking up early and putting on a Christmas record (hello Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby!) while making a big, hot breakfast with my family. Then reading the Christmas story and opening presents!

    1. Andrew says:

      great music! sounds awesome

  8. Ailie says:

    IG name :: indoailie

    My perfect Christmas morning is sleeping in, waking up to snow falling outside, then snuggling in bed with our boys while we open stockings.

  9. Karen says:

    What an awesome way to get into the Christmas spirit! For me Christmas morning is waking up with my hubby, slowly getting out of bed, grabbing our breakfast that’s been cooking overnight and brewing a hot cup of joe! Light up the tree and turn on Christmas tunes, old and new, and soaking up how blessed we are ❀️ Then we dig into the stockings…my favorite thing to open on Christmas!

    1. Karen says:

      Instagram name is KarenInez

    2. Andrew says:

      I love the stockings too!

  10. Alyssa says:

    My perfect Christmas would be getting up early, watching snow fall from inside with my coffee, listening to Michael Buble Christmas; once everyone else wakes up (everyone I know sleeps in lol), we dress warm and go for a hike to enjoy each others company and take a few pictures πŸ™‚
    Love Christmas and family time! Merry Christmas!!
    Oh, and I’m @alyssamfrancis on ig.

    1. Andrew says:

      Love that Christmas album!

  11. Boudreaux says:

    So perfect Christmas morning…. Hmm, well I had a fat intruder Christmas Eve night in my home. He fell for the cookies and milk bit that I might of “accidentally” put tons of Zzzquil into. So that morning I wake up to a blob of a man passed out on my living room floor. So now what to do with this sleeping body??? Probably take his bag of goodies, sharpie his face, and take him to prison for breaking into my home. That’ll show him…. I’ll probably wake up, eat some delicious cinnamon rolls and open presents with my family. Good times, good times ( oh and @boud08)

    1. Boudreaux says:

      And of course lots of coffee

    2. Boudreaux says:

      Crap… miss typed it’s boudg08

    3. Andrew says:

      You are one crazy man!

  12. Kyle Holton says:

    The perfect Christmas morning is filled with coffee and family. All I need is to see the sleepy smiles on their faces, and I know it’s truly Christmas

  13. My perfect Christmas morning would involve sleeping in; warm, creamy coffee; all the family we lovely and so rarely get to see; lots of laughter.

    1. Andrew says:

      That sounds wonderful!

  14. Kendra says:

    I love this giveaway!
    My perfect Christmas morning would include being with my family and my dog up in the mountains in a log cabin with a wood fire going. I would wake up early to make a big batch of coffee in the Chemex and then take a morning walk or snowshoe in the fresh powder. We would have a huge breakfast with tons of coffee and share stories from Christmas past with one another, just enjoying each others company.
    Insta: @klynn_snyder

    1. Andrew says:

      I would sure love that too!

  15. Chris W says:

    I believe my perfect Christmas morning would be spent with my wife and kids sharing breakfast and seeing the kids’ happiness opening some presents. I’m cwhisonant on Instagram. Thanks!

    1. Andrew says:

      Seeing their excitement sure is fun.

  16. Allen says:

    My perfect Christmas morning would be sleeping late, waking up to a good cup of coffee and good breakfast with my family, and reading the true Christmas story of th birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, then sharing a time of prayer. Gifts are fun, but there is no greater gift than the one from the Lord in Jesus Christ for our life.

    1. Allen says:

      Instagram name is @Allen_Blanks

    2. Andrew says:

      Awesome! Great to remember what its all about.

  17. Emma says:

    My perfect Christmas morning consists of all our favorite family traditions: pajamas, cinnamon rolls, opening gifts together and sipping coffee all morning. πŸ™‚

    1. Emma says:

      Instagram @emmaegordon

  18. Jonathan says:

    Having coffee with my family around the table with hopefully snow on the ground.

    1. Andrew says:

      Snow would be so nice!

  19. Tyler Mock says:

    Perfect Christmas morning is enjoying time with family, drinking coffee, eating great food, and talking about the real Reason for the season. All that beats presents even though they can be cool too. Posted it on my Insta account tmock56

  20. Abigail says:

    @big_abs I love waking up and wrapping myself in comfy clothes and blankets and sitting my the fire opening stockings with my family!

  21. John s says:

    My IG handle is johnstrenkowski and my favorite Christmas morning is waking up early with my younger siblings, making orange rolls and apple cider and spending time exchanging gifts with Christmas music in the background. πŸ™‚ excited about it!

    1. Andrew says:

      That sounds great to me!

  22. Emily says:

    My perfect Christmas morning is to sleep in a bit. When I wake up I help my mom to make breakfast. Then my brothers and their wives come over and we open presents. After that we go watch a movie as a family. Instagram name is @emilyannecorn

    1. Andrew says:

      Sounds awesome. And the movie is a good plan as well!

  23. Chelsi says:

    My absolute favorite Christmas morning is/was waking my parents up (because they pretend to be asleep), going to the living room and reading Luke 2 out loud as a family, then we open up gifts (stockings first!), have a wrapping paper fight then end with a yummy breakfast and spending all day in our pjs πŸ™‚ Instagram – chelsiallison

    1. Andrew says:

      So fun that they pretend to be asleep!

  24. Dayne Melvin says:

    My perfect Christmas morning is waking up with my five, wonderfully, wild younger siblings, grabbing a nice hot cup of coffee. Packing onto the living room floor, being in the midst of the chaos, is one of my favorite parts. Its a glimpse of the beauty that can be found in the chaos of this life, and the reason to be thankful for the holiday and the beauty that can come from it! Much love, my Instagram is “nivlemenyad”.

    1. Andrew says:

      Haha! love the chaos!

  25. Natalie Heyen says:

    Insta: @nheyen

    My perfect Christmas morning is waking up to spend time with family and enjoying a good cup of coffee with fresh biscuits and gravy! My family always opens stockings Christmas morning even though we are all grown and it is so special to be together.

    1. Andrew says:

      Love that you still open stockings!

  26. Joe Faulk says:

    My perfect Christmas morning is waking up early with my wife, brewing the coffee, and waking up our two kiddos (ages 3 & 1 1/2) so I can see their faces light up with excitement as they run out of their room to the Christmas tree! We’ll take some time to read the Christmas story from the Bible to remember & reflect on what it really is all about, pray and thank God for it, then watch our kids open up their presents! As they play with their new toys, my wife and I will exchange gifts as well. The joy of Christmas is so much greater as a husband and father than it ever was as a kid (although my inner kid still comes out on Christmas morning!)!

    IG: joe_faulk

    1. Andrew says:

      Dude, no doubt! Its so great as a dad. But yes. Always have to have inner kid around!

  27. Andy Figueroa says:

    I’d love to have all if this especially that sweet new clock!


  28. Mariah says:

    My perfect Christmas morning?

    Snow falling outside. Gathered on the couch with my family, all in our pajamas, hair in disarray, listening to Dad read the Christmas story from the Bible. A warm mug of coffee in my hands, the intoxicating aroma of coffee mingling with the rich scent of the Christmas tree. Stockings have been opened, a delicious breakfast devoured – everyone is full, warm, and content. Once the story is finished, we open one-by-one the brightly colored packages from beneath the tree, the torn paper and happy squeals of children adding to the atmosphere. Family, love, peace, and joy… these are the things that define Christmas for me.

    My Instagram username is @moretothis_life.

    Such a fantastic giveaway!

    1. Andrew says:

      Love this! So great.

  29. Rob says:

    My perfect Christmas morning is being with my wife watching our 1.5 year old boy come in to our living room to our house lit up and presents under his tree, and hearing his tiny voice exclaim, “oh wow!” While we enjoy a good cup of coffee and with chocolate chip pancakes and classic Christmas music playing in the background. My Instagram is: theruddy
    Great giveaway!

    1. Andrew says:

      Those pancakes sound delicious!

  30. Jeana says:

    The perfect Christmas morning is watching my two babes open their gifts and then off to my parents’ house for Christmas breakfast. On IG I am @jeanalynne !

    1. Andrew says:

      Very cool. So great that they live close by!

  31. weston Schnetz says:

    Instagram: westonschnetz
    So much good!

  32. Melissa Simmonds says:

    My perfect Christmas morning happens every year! My younger brother waits in his room until the clock strikes 6am. Then he wakes everyone up, we head to the living room the see what Santa left, then we have coffee and open gifts. We always start with stockings! Lastly my dad makes us breakfast while we get ready for the day. I’m so looking forward to it this year since I haven’t seen my family in a year! – @mellysimmonds

    PS your giveaways rock.

    1. Andrew says:

      So great! Love it. And thank you!

  33. Mike Moro says:

    My favorite thing to do on Christmas morning is to have the biggest breakfast ever, full of french toast, eggs and bacon. Then I like to open presents that are hopefully all surprises!

    IG: @emceemoro

    1. Andrew says:

      I can almost smell it!

  34. Jenn says:

    Bah!!!!’ This would be so sweet to win! Christmas morning with my family was/ is the kids waking early but waiting quietly talking about what we might have gotten in the living room while mom or “Santa” had some extra rest! My Instagram name is JennWittmis

    1. Andrew says:

      Awesome! So fun that anticipation.

  35. Kayley says:

    Lovely collection!

    My ideal Christmas morning is having a lovely breakfast feast (including a pot of delicious Chemex coffee) with family and talking about why we celebrate Christmas–Jesus!

    Instagram: kayleyelrick

    1. Andrew says:

      Thank you! And sounds wonderful.

  36. Carlos says:

    My favorite Christmas morning is watching my kids open their gifts while drinking fresh coffee. IG name: Crnavas

    1. Andrew says:

      Nice and simple. Love it!

  37. Kimberly Wolf says:

    My perfect Christmas morning is just spending it with my fiancΓ© for the first time <3 I can't wait! My Instagram name is @kimmie_wolf

  38. Aaron Tart says:

    My perfect Christmas morning would be sleeping in a bit and spending the day with family and having a huge breakfast and of course coffee(; I love these giveaways and your products!

    1. Aaron Tart says:

      My insta name is aarontart!

    2. Andrew says:

      Awesome! Thank you!

  39. Dany Anchia says:

    Great products. Would love to win the giveaway πŸ™‚

  40. Austin Baldwin says:

    Any Christmas morning spent with my family is perfect. @hapihamr

    1. Andrew says:

      No doubt bro! I bet it will be super nice up north where you guys are. Love to you and your family!

  41. Robert Lawrie says:

    My Instagram name is @rslawrie. My perfect Christmas is waking up early thanks to my sons; going down and watching their excitement as they open all their gifts while my wife and I sit there. Then making breakfast for everyone and staring the preparation for the dinner I will cook.

    1. Andrew says:

      Awesome! So fun.

  42. Heidi Tobe says:

    My instagram name is htobe and my perfect Christmas morning is being woken up just a little “too early” by my “little” sister (she’s 25 now, but has been the one waking us up for years). For it to be perfect, all four of us kids and our parents would be gathered in the living room around the tree, my parents on the couch and the four of us now adults sitting like children amidst a pile of meaningful and thoughtful gifts where so many toys once sat. On this perfect morning there would be no ache of a brother overseas or a sibling missing stuck in another town for work–we would all be together. The presents, though lovely and thoughtful, mean nothing compared to sharing the greatest day with one another, reflecting on new life and promise and hope, especially after a year of darkened times.

    And of course, there would be snow, too.

    1. Andrew says:

      Man we understand that. thanks or sharing!

  43. My perfect Christmas morning…

    Freshly fallen snow. Starting a fire in the fireplace next to the lit-up Christmas tree. Fresh coffee brewing. Cinnamon Rolls in the oven. The classics singing Christmas Carols spinning on the record player. Curled up on the couch with my wife. Soaking in these moments… begging time to slow down for these few magical hours. Reveling in the mystery and the miracle of the story that has echoed through the ages and has sparked awe and wonder across the globe from that night under the infamous star until now.

    This is Christmas.

    Instagram — mattkirk2911

    1. Andrew says:

      yes. time slow down. please. love it!

  44. Lauren says:

    Hmm. My perfect Christmas morning. Waking up to coffee and mom’s breakfast casserole, my dad playing his favorite Christmas CD that’s probably from the early 1980s, having breakfast together as a family, then opening up presents together!
    My Instagram name is laurennelizabeth13

    1. Andrew says:

      Awesome! Love old Christmas songs.

  45. April Britton says:

    Perfect Christmas morning = family gathered around doing nothing more than just hanging out πŸ™‚ Oh, and defiantly some sausage cheese balls to eat

    Instagram name : april_britton

    1. Andrew says:

      Yes. Time hanging out. So rare these days. Love it.

  46. laurie says:

    Being with family! Takes the cake every time…

  47. Cammi says:

    My absolute favorite Christmas morning is waking up next to the tree, surrounded by my siblings, nieces and nephews! We open gifts while drinking coffee and hot chocolate then have a large family breakfast! (There can be up to 20 of us!) Its cozy and so special to be together.

    1. Andrew says:

      Awesome! So you sleep next to the tree? I have heard of this from some other friends!

  48. Blake says:

    My Instagram name is @ardentadventures and my perfect Christmas morning is waking up with my brothers and then making breakfast with my family. Once all the adults have coffee well in hand we can one by one start opening presents. At the end my dad always reminds of the greatest present: Jesus Christ.

  49. Becca lapp says:


    Christmas morning is filled with waking early (thanks kids), brewing coffee and prepping breakfast – quiche and cinnamon rolls. sipping coffee by the fire, opening stockings, enjoying time together and reading the Christmas story, while the kids act it out. ❀️

    1. Andrew says:

      Sounds great all the way around!

  50. Aubrey stopa says:

    My perfect Christmas morning is spent with my family! We wake up, have fresh cinnamon rolls and coffee, and then open gifts! No matter how old we are, we always get one cool toy. So after gifts and stockings (stockings are always last), we play with our awesome toys and watch the Macy’s day parade! @aubreylstopaphotography

    1. Andrew says:

      I love the one cool toy no matter how old! So fun.

  51. Kristin says:


    For me, the perfect Christmas morning is spent snuggled up on the couch with a fleece blanket next to my husband whilst we admire our 2ft tall, shedding Christmas tree and drink root beer floats. Yes, that’s right, root beer floats for breakfast on Christmas morning. #noshame

    1. Andrew says:

      Oh man I love it! Where did the float tradition come from?!

  52. Waking up super early to watch my cousins, aunt and uncle open their gifts with a big coffee in my hand. Then taking a nap on the couch with the fireplace going until the rest of the family wakes up. Opening presents with my Mom, husband and grandpa as we play Christmas music and sit around the Christmas tree.

    1. Andrew says:

      The nap is a requirement. Well done!

  53. Sarah says:

    This is such a great give away I would love to win!!

  54. Alison says:

    IG name:: mamareaux

    my perfect Christmas morning is sleeping in a bit with my husband (it rarely happens) and then putting on Christmas music while we snuggle in bed, eating breakfast, sipping our coffee, and opening gifts with our son. It’ll be his second Chroatmas this year.. so here’s to hoping it becomes a long tradition!!

    1. Andrew says:

      So fun! It gets so fun the older they get.

  55. Chey Fox says:

    This is my first Christmas with my new husband. My perfect Chrisrmas this year will be waking up and making breakfast together and opening our gifts to each other. Then heading to the big family gathering in the afternoon where we’ll enjoy a family meal together, play games together and laugh until it gets dark out.

    1. Andrew says:

      That sounds wonderful! And congrats on your first Christmas together. Here’s to so many more!

  56. Veronica Herrera says:

    IG: @_veronicaherrera_
    My perfect Christmas morning would be waking up to snow outside and eating gingerbread cookies ❄️

    1. Andrew says:

      Snow and cookies! Yes.

  57. Nathaniel says:

    The perfect Christmas morning is being with the entire family (which is hard to do now that several siblings are married!). Thank the Lord for family!


    1. Andrew says:

      We understand that in our family! Have siblings in each time zone of the U.S. .. Crazy!

  58. ARK says:

    My perfect christmas morning- Being able to wake up early without feeling exhausted. I would make a big breakfast and of course gotta get my caffeinated soul some coffee. I would probably baked some scones so the whole house smells like christmas baked good. Then I would have my friends come over (in their pjs because you got to be comfy) for a christmas brunch, exchange gifts, play some games like heads up, then watch some form of cheesy christmas movie. As long as it’s a relaxing day with family and friends, I’m okay

    1. Andrew says:

      Would be a wish to wake up refreshed! Here’s hoping! Games and gifts are always good.

  59. Natalie Chance says:

    My Instagram name is @bychancedesigns and my perfect Christmas morning is spent in the kitchen with my family making homemade cinnamon buns in our pajamas. Then, eating a big breakfast together while my Dad reads the scriptures of Jesus’ birth. Finally, spending time opening presents and relaxing with coffee.

    1. Andrew says:

      Oh man I bet those taste wonderful! Very cool that dad reads the story!

  60. Allie LaPointe says:

    My Instagram is @allie_janie and my perfect Christmas morning is having a big breakfast with my family and slowly opening the presents around the tree.

    1. Andrew says:

      Awesome! Simple and joyful.

  61. Neil says:

    IG: neilh419

    Perfect Christmas morning is early morning alone, cup of coffee, reflecting on the gift of Christ. How he saw the mess we had created, and didn’t turn away, but entered into our story to rescue us…

    Followed by my three year old coming downstairs to see her “pwesents”! Followed by her mother, and baby sister stirring, as we spend the morning together playing and enjoying the day.

    1. Andrew says:

      Great moments. Love the solo time carved out at the beginning. Very special and to follow it up with the kiddos. Awesome.

  62. Madalyn Kelly says:

    Perfect Christmas morning was waking up to snow in South Texas in 2004. It was a once in a lifetime event and I will never forget playing in the snow with my siblings and watching my dog freak out because he didn’t know what snow was haha.

    1. Madalyn Kelly says:

      Instagram is maddie_kellyy

    2. Andrew says:

      Wow I bet that was so memorable! Growing up in Houston, it never happened. We had flurries one year on Christmas eve. That was radical.

  63. Ben Read says:

    Perfect Christmas Morning – waking up, drinking coffee, watching my kids freak out unwrapping all their presents, and then getting some awesome new tools from my wife.

    – @benjaminread

    1. Andrew says:

      Watching kids freak out. So good!

  64. Kassi Mihm says:

    Didn’t post last time; let’s try this again πŸ™‚

    Perfect Christmas – waking up to a snow globe outside, making a cup of coffee with a little rum chata, wearing my cozy Christmas Jammies, spending all afternoon slowly opening presents with my famiky around the tree, eating tons of delicious food, and playing games!

    Instagram: kassimihm

    1. Andrew says:

      I have never tried coffee like that. I think I might need to. Gifts and games. A solid combo!

  65. Kai Williams says:

    Ig: buyitforlife

    Christmas morning is always waking up to immediate family gift sharing followed by breakfast music and a day together in the home (also cleaning up from the extended family. Party on the eve. Snow is a plus.

    1. Andrew says:

      Snow is definitely a must!

  66. Alyssa says:

    My favorite and only way I have done Christmas morning is staying overnight at my parents house, getting a cup of coffee, and sitting around the tree opening our gift from each other!

    IG @lys97

  67. Lauren says:

    I love all of your products and I would love to own more!

  68. Krissa says:

    This is just amazing! Everything looks beautiful. So happy I found your shop!

    1. Andrew says:

      Thank you so much!

  69. A perfect Christmas morning for me would be to get up early before the sun is up. I would put just the Christmas lights on and hopefully have a view of snow out my window. Not sure that will happen this year as the temps have been in the 50s. My children are still young 6 and 4 so they don’t get up too early but I’d enjoy the morning with my husband and kids. We’d read the Christmas story from the Bible and talk about the characters in our manger scene display, focusing mostly on baby Jesus. After reading from the Bible, we’d enjoy our time of gift giving. Later on in the day, we enjoy spending time with family. Christmas to me is focusing on Christ’s birth and enjoying the time with family.

    instagram name: aaronsruby

    1. Andrew says:

      Here’s hoping for some snow! And yes, the Christmas story. Awesome!

  70. @metal.wood says:

    My childhood was spent with a parent who suffered from depression and mental illness. It was a rough upbringing and holidays were always decorated with sadness. When I met my wife, our first holiday together was Thanksgiving. I watched this woman hum songs and smile as she cooked and baked. It was absolutely the most perfect Thanksgiving- not because of the food or the drink, but because of the happiness and love. The very next day we woke up and I was told to get dressed because we had to go get a Christmas tree. I thought she was joking as I was used to my parents begrudgingly putting a tree up while arguing about a week before Christmas Day. Nope. She was serious. We walked amongst the trees, her eyes wide, a silly grin across her face. Each tree was met with an exclamation of “No! THIS is the one! It’s perfect!” Which she swore was true until her gaze crossed another tree which then became the new perfect one. Once THE tree was selected, I got to cut it down and strap it to the roof of the car. I’d set it up, and then, just like on Thanksgiving, my wife started decorating, singing, laughing. I proposed that Christmas Eve nine years ago, and every Christmas since has been filled not with expensive gifts or the stresses of my childhood holidays, but with calmness, happiness, thankfulness, and love. I always though “Christmas spirit” was just a figure of speech until I met my wife. So I would say my idea of the perfect Christmas is the one that is filled with a happy heart filled with love and surrounded by those you love and love you.

    May everyone have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

    1. Andrew says:

      Wow! Thanks for sharing. So cool how your wife as introduced some joy to your life. Give her a big hug and I hope many years of blessings to come for you guys!

  71. Jess says:

    How exciting!!!!! I hope I win!

    1. Jess says:

      I didn’t follow directions! Eeek!
      My fav Christmas morning is of course, with family, snuggled up on the couch with a warm cup of coffee, watching my family open gifts.

      1. Andrew says:

        No problem! Yes. Simple and great.

  72. Gray Gardner says:

    This is amazing and I want it all

    IG graygardner

  73. Sarah Scott Pape says:

    Yes oh yes oh yes! Not only was this posted on my birthday (clearly divine orchestration) but I had just commented on how boss that clock is on another post! What a killer bundle!

  74. Nicola says:

    Hey there. My Instagram name is nicallison.
    The perfect Christmas morning is white with snow, hot cup of cup of coffee, warm pjs and enjoying the kiddos opening presents and laughing together.

    1. Andrew says:

      Awesome! Definitely need snow and warm pjs!

  75. cassie says:

    Oh how id love to win!! IG- tassiie :))))

  76. Austin Plummer says:

    My perfect Christmas morning is going to be waking up to my beautiful wife, our 6 month old little girl and opening all these cool gifts from Field Treasure Designs! BOOM!

    1. Austin Plummer says:

      Instagram: @plummer09

    2. Andrew says:

      Haha! Love it.

  77. Yekta says:

    My perfect Christmas morning would have to be waking up in Mammoth or somewhere snowy with my family and our close family friends. When we were younger, our families would all get together and go to Mammoth or Big Bear (in CA) and spend a few days in the snow; but, most of us have moved away from home for our jobs or grad school. It’d be perfect if we could do a Christmas trip like that again! -@yektagirl

  78. Andrew says:

    Here’s hoping you get to be home!

  79. Andy Gilmour-Jones says:

    My perfect Christmas morning includes stockings with my little sister, older brother and mum, then a boiled egg and orange juice for breakfast (tradional thing we do) before going to church. Throw in some snow and a good dog walk and all’s good!

    Instagram: ajgj

  80. Annika says:

    Lovely swag. My favourite Christmas morning is having fancy breakfast in bed with the hubster and then going out for a walk. @allthelivelongday

  81. Xusha says:

    Wow the best give away I’ve seen! The most perfect Christmas morning is waking up to our kids saying it’s Christmas! Making a perfect cup of coffee with ur chemex for my self and my husband, then listening to my husband read a Christmas story to the kids. And watching them open their gifts with joy. This year my husband and I aren’t getting gifts for each other since we are buying a new couch ☺️ So this would be the coolest gift for both of us we both are coffee lovers and the clock tho :)) also I would need to buy another glass mug just like it!

  82. Heather says:

    Cherished memories are found on Christmas Morning when I wake with Joy & Gratitude in my heart for all the small wonders of life that equal a very great gift.

    One Christmas my brother and I spent vacation with our Grandparents in Bend, Oregon. We woke up to snow that had fallen and the drift was up to the shoulders on my grandpa – he was 6’2″! While grandma made us kids hot cocoa, bacon and pancakes with homemade strawberry freezer jam (Nothing as sweet anywhere), grandpa got a shovel and started digging out a path to the wood pile-In his flannel pajamas and Boots! Hilarious!! And such “not so perfect” Christmas morning memories are a true treasure now that they’re both gone. I still feel warm at heart remembering. Thank you. ❀

    1. Heather says:


  83. Victoria Huffman says:

    Really great stufff! Hoping to win the #fieldtreasurechristmas!!

  84. Nick McDevitt says:

    Awesome give away!! Love that you guys do them so often.

    My perfect Christmas morning would be being awoken by my kids way too early to open presents, getting a belly full of bacon and eggs, enjoying some fresh brewed coffee from a chemex (hint, hint), and celebrating the incarnation of the second person of the Triune God with my family and friends.
    – Blessings.

    Instagram name: nick.mcdevitt

  85. Cameron Cross says:

    IG: cameron_cross

    My perfect Christmas morning goes along with a tradition that my family has done before I was even born, so more than 22 years. This tradition consists of all of us waking up (me first, obviously since I’m still a HUGE kid at heart, and then proceeding to bang all of the bedroom doors to wake my sisters and their husbands, and my niece up!), then all of the “kids” BURST through my parent’s bedroom door where eight of us pile on top of my parent’s bed. From there, we read the first Christmas story from Luke 2. It never gets old. After we finish reading from the Bible, as a family we join hands and pray, thanking God for all of the blessings he has given to us. If this isn’t good enough, we then go see what Santa brought us. Apparently Santa likes to make it a little challenging to get to our presents though because EVERY year we Santa wraps the doorway to the office where he places our presents, and then all of the kids have to run through the paper to get to the presents. I like to call it crossing the finish line after a long awaiting for Santa to arrive. After we open Santa’s gifts to us, we then go to the kitchen to make coffee and get prepared to open all of the gifts from each other. It is truly a splendid time and one that I look forward to every year. It’s a huge blessing to be able to spend Christmas with family and I don’t take that for granted one bit!

  86. Crystal says:

    I would be ever delighted to win this!! Our wonderful Christmas morning consists of waking up after sleeping in later than normal, Sitting around with the entire family and drinking coffee before breakfast. It’s just wonderful being all together:) later we open gifts. Have a Merry Christmas! Instagram name: markscrystal_

  87. Brian Hanna says:

    Hey Andrew!
    Been following your craft for a while on Instagram. I’m a father of a 3year old boy and 1 year old girl. So Christmas morning is all about them. Just too get too enjoy their excitement. Chaos of wrapping paper everywhere! The amount of coffee it will take for me too get thru with the amount of family that will show up. Ahhh I can’t wait. Seriously thoe i feel very blessed and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
    My Instagram is SHK_HANNA

  88. Hannah Box says:

    My perfect Christmas morning would be waking up in a warm cozy cabin in the snowy mountains with my sweet husband and puppy. A fire crackling, old fashion Christmas music playing, Coffee brewing, a good smelling and lit Christmas tree in the corner with presents underneath. It would be snowing outside. We would be cuddled up around the tree, sipping coffee, exchanging gifts and enjoy the blessing and joy of a day when our wonderful Savior was born. Since we would be in the snowy mountains we would have to spend the day playing outside, of course!
    Instagram name: Hannah_abel_box

  89. Rachel McConnell says:

    Perfect Christmas–all the in laws come for Christmas Eve & get loved on. The kids sleep in (because I’ve stayed up too late cleaning up from Christmas Eve) & wake in loving-their-neighbor-moods to fresh coffee, eggnog & homemade sticky buns. Reading the nativity story & praising God, unwrapping gifts & dressing everybody cute to head over to my Dad’s for the other side of the family Christmas & then the next morning waking up home & doing “just us” with whatever the kids want & a super fancy just us Day After Christmas dinner. (And nobody sick!!!!)

    1. Rachel McConnell says:

      Oh & I’m @grittygrace

  90. Tracy says:

    Hi! I am @tracyy.mae on Instagram! My perfect Christmas morning is waking up to a blanket of snow with the smell of coffee in the air and holiday tunes on the radio. It’d be gathered in the kitchen with my family, full of excitement as we get ready to hit the road and spend the day at my Grandma’s celebrating with loved ones. πŸ™‚ Thank you for even the chance at receiving these amazing items through this giveaway & a Merry Christmas!

  91. weston Schnetz says:

    Log cabin/snow/fire place/coffee/slippers/blanket/book/tree/lights/family = Best Christmas.

    Instagram: westonschnetz

  92. Enkhjin says:

    My perfect christmas is to wake up with a coffee served by my husband and drink it on the sofa in front of my christmas tree. I also want to play Christmas music to my record player all day long.

    Btw, my instagram name is big_fat_apple

  93. Tina McLean says:

    Instagram name: MissTinaMclean

    My perfect Christmas morning is being back home with all my family, my eight sisters and two brothers! And being woken up by my two excited little sisters, and getting to spend the morning drinking coffee, laughing, opening presents, just loving on each other and being together. I’m so happy it’ll happen this year!

  94. Brittany says:

    Awesome giveaway! @btsuell

  95. Terry Bennett says:

    My perfect Christmas morning now is waking up and opening presents with my wife, followed by an awesome breakfast. Then play with all the fun stuff I got because I’m still a kid at heart!

    Instagram: @tjoshbennett

  96. Cameron Newton says:

    The perfect Christmas morning starts with a cup of Alfred’s Blend from Anderson’s Coffee and Tea Company of Austin. It’s followed by scotch eggs and a second cup of coffee.

  97. Rikki says:

    My perfect Christmas morning starts with me in my favorite footie pajamas (either Chewbacca or Donatello) and enjoying a cup of coffee from Rockford Roasting Compang. Yes, I am a 22 year old woman who still regularly wears footie pajamas, and I am not ashamed. After I have caffeinated myself, I spend the rest of the morning/afternoon watching my little sister tear presents open and then help her open packaging and insert batteries (never included).

    Instagram – rikkipalm

    Also, if you are reading this and are ever in Rockford, IL or the surrounding area, you need to stop in and see us at Rockford Roasting Co.! We have some of the best stuff in Illinois. Ask Alton Brown! πŸ™‚

  98. Mitch Aldridge says:

    Love your stuff man! It’s a lot of fun to support a Pine Cove guy. My Instagram handle is @mitchaldridge. My perfect Christmas morning in the past has been to get up and enjoy a big breakfast with my family, exchange gifts and then watch Christmas movies. But, I just got married so this year it will be to eat breakfast with my wife and spend some precious time with her. Hope you and your family have a great one as well!

  99. Kristen M says:

    Christmas morning bliss is excited children with messy bed head, mom & dad sipping on coffee, and bacon sizzling in the oven.

    1. Kristen M says:


  100. Sara says:

    The perfect Christmas morning is being up at either my in laws Colorado cabin…or my families Wisconsin lodge…snow covering EVERYTHING because “white Christmas all the things”!! Enjoying the stomping of excited little feet from all 10 cousins and watching the magic of Christmas through their eyes! Love love
    Love this time of year! Thanks so much for the chance to win. I’m “the_home_she_builds” on IG πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas

    1. Sara says:

      Family’s…not families haha oops πŸ˜‰

  101. Barry Davison says:

    My Instagram name is barrydavison and my perfect Christmas morning is waking up and cooking breakfast for my wife the opening presents by the fireplace. Hopefully it snows and we can play outside in it.

    1. Barry Davison says:

      Then opening*

  102. My perfect Christmas morning is waking up around 8, putting the cinnamon rolls in the oven and waiting until my husband gets up to open stockings. We open up our stockings and gifts from each other and then drink some warm beverages. Around 10 AM, my siblings and parents come over and we all eat our cinnamon rolls and then open the rest of the gifts that we have for each other. One of my favorite times with the family. This Christmas may be different as our first baby is due Christmas Eve! So the plan is for my sister to make cinnamon rolls this time.

  103. Suriel Hess says:

    My perfect Christmas morning would go like this:

    Wake up all snug in my blankets and take a look at my new clock from Field Treasure Designs :P.. It’s about 9:30 and there is already some soft Christmas music playing out in the main part of the house. I look outside and it’s a snowy white landscape with flakes falling. Elated, I run out and my family and I go out to enjoy the snow, once we come back in, we all sit by the fireplace and warm up with some hot chocolate or apple cider. Then we have a beautiful Christmas feast of crepes. After this is all done we seat by the tree and share gifts and stories and laughter.

    Instagram name: @surielhess

  104. Erin Baker says:

    Perfect Christmas morning entails waking up slowly, sporting pj’s and holding a big mug of coffee while opening family presents all together in our living room. Family together and time pausing for a day to remember the birth of our Savior is what it’s all about! @flairinerin

  105. jhess6405 says:

    My perfect Christmas morning would start off by walking down and seeing my slick looking clock telling me its time to make some amazing Makers Blend coffee, in my Chemex of course. Then pouring that deliciousness into my awesome aviator mug and proceed to see my son go bonkers over all of his Peppa Pig presents. Looking forward to this christmas! πŸ™‚

    Instagram: jhess6405

  106. Neil Simmonds says:

    Waking up early and enjoying some personal time to read and pray, and make coffee for everyone before getting together and open presents. Hang out and chill during the day and do something low key with a small group of family/friends for the night. Maybe hit up InNOut πŸ˜‰

    Normally Christmastime can be pretty hectic as my wife and I live far from home so time is always at a premium and traveling is exhausting.

    IG: neilz4

  107. Daniel C says:

    My perfect Christmas morning is waking up early, homemade cinnamon rolls from scratch with a nice cup of coffee on the porch, and then opening presents with the family and playing with our dog. The rest of the day is pretty lazy with a family movie and nice Christmas dinner!

    Instagram: @dchilco1

  108. Morgan says:

    My Instagram name is _gutenmorgen_ and my perfect Christmas morning would be one where my fiance wouldn’t have to spend Christmas alone but instead he could be with his new family (mine.)

  109. Dani says:

    My perfect Christmas morning: comfy new PJ’s, fresh cup of coffee, cinnamon rolls, family all sitting in the living room opening presents all together! @dani_tomko

  110. My perfect Christmas morning is being woken up by my niece and nephew up in Massachusetts with their glee and excitement that Santa had been there! Running downstairs with them to see their joy in the magic that only Christmas can bring. So precious.

  111. Lauren says:

    Waking up with hot chocolate, snuggling in a blanket, and watching the parade is a perfect way to begin Chrostmas morning! When everyone’s awake is when the opening of presents and spreading joy with the family can begin! @lauren_webbster

  112. Alyssa Barron says:

    My perfect Christmas morning is all of my family together enjoying my grandmothers homemade Hawaiian bread French toast with some nice bacon πŸ™‚ and watching the Christmas parade! @alyssajanette3

  113. Tessa says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is waking up early and sitting in our new pajamas around the tree with my family. We eat breakfast and watch the parade, then open presents. That afternoon is filled with dinner and then to a family movie. Love being with my family! @deatspics

  114. Paige says:

    Perfect Christmas morning is waking up and heading over to my in laws to open presents. And then to his grandparents for lunch and stockings.

    Ig: isntlifegr8

  115. Whitney says:

    My Instagram name is whit_leanne and my favorite Christmas morning is waking up with my sisters to open gifts. We stay at our parents house and all sleep in the same room. When we wake up we all open our stockings, repack them, then wake up our parents to do it all over again. It’s been a tradition since we were little and now we are all in our 20s and still doing it together!

  116. april varner says:

    Perfect Christmas morning, snuggled up with a cup of coffee watching my kids open gifts

  117. april varner says:

    Instagram name alicewonderland1. Perfect Christmas morning -snuggled up with a cup of Joe watching my kids open gifts.

  118. april varner says:

    Instagram name alicewonderland1.

  119. F. Parada says:

    I guess I don’t have a perfect christmas morning because I’m always late to bed on christmas eve,so on christmas I usually wake up after midday but if I had to get up earlier on christmas I probably would be happy with a good cup of coffee and having a nice breakfast with my family. Sincerely @quiqueparada

  120. IG acct… @graceandsaltyair

    My perfect Christmas morning would be spent with my family in a cabin in the woods surrounded by pine trees covered in snow. There would be a crackling fire in the fireplace, we’d drink copious amounts of hot freshly ground coffee brewed in my Chemex and eat orange cinnamon rolls. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong would be playing on vinyl in the background. It would be a relaxing, cozy morning with those I love most around me!!

  121. Lydia says:

    My perfect Christmas morning is a slow, homemade breakfast with my husband, sisters, and parents followed by a day of gift opening and thanksgiving!

    My Instagram handle is @lydiadarlington… This would be a great gift!!!

  122. Daniel Champagne says:

    Instagram: @dchampagne

    My perfect Christmas morning is waking up with my wife and daughter, reading the Christmas story in the Bible, and opening gifts before making pumpkin pancakes, bacon, and eggs with Christmas albums on vinyl playing in the background!

    My 30th birthday is this week and this would be an awesome gift!

  123. Bre says:

    Perfect morning is making breakfast for my kids and doing nothing but watching movies. My IG is brechang

  124. Sydni says:

    I love sitting down to breakfast with my family and playing a game where we draw “christmas discussion topics”out of a jar. Some of them are dares, or songs, or questions, or prompts, but all of them are fun!

  125. Ben says:

    The perfect Christmas morning for me is waking up to snow with my wife and girls and opening presents. During the morning I would be sipping on some good coffee and we would eat a good breakfast after the gift giving was done!
    – @riversben

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