My Apple Watch Diary, Day 1


I’ll start out and say it.  I am skeptical about the Apple Watch.  But here is why I got up at 2am a few weeks ago and pre-ordered one for $400.

 1.  I like to learn and I need to learn.  I figure wearable tech is here to stay so I want to learn about it.  Also, if I don’t learn I will get left behind.  If I don’t keep the Apple Watch, at least I will be challenged to learn and understand from the process.

 2.  I have been proven wrong before.  In 2007, I thought the iPhone was bogus.  I vividly remember walking by signs showing the apps on the home screen and thinking it was the dumbest looking thing I had ever seen.  I have now owned an iPhone for at least 6 years now.

3.  New exposure.  I also thought this would be a good way to get some additional exposure to other potential readers and customers who don’t know about my blog and web-store.  So if you are new here, welcome.  I am glad you came by to read and see what else I am doing with Field Treasure.

I am going to keep a diary of my experience with Apple Watch to catalogue what I think about it as well as let you have insight into the device before you decide to get one yourself.

My watch came in the mail yesterday.  I bought the Apple Watch Sport 42mm size with green sport band.  Even though I had a lot going when it came, I was able to open it and get started.

Surprisingly, the watch came in a long box.  For some reason I thought it would come in a small box with the watch band already in a curved position.  Nope.  It’s straight and the box was heavier than I expected.


As always, the product is fun to open.  So much care and detail has gone into the experience. I hope I captured it well enough for you.  It was hard to enjoy and take pictures of it, but I think it worked out.  The watch comes in a nice plastic case.  Underneath the case is the manual and instructions and underneath are the cable and charge block.

The watch itself comes out of the case super easy and is packaged in a projected sleeve that is easy to remove.  So far, so good.  My wife thought that the watch band looked cheap, but to me I think it looks good and feels good.  I think she came around to when she saw it up close and felt it.  The watch also comes with the smaller size strap addition as well.  A surprise that I did not expect.



The watch felt surprisingly light and awesome in my hands.  The watch itself seems incredibly designed and well built.  It really is incredible when you think about what all went into this.  I really don’t feel this kind of excellence and detail from other products that I open.  Like, ever.  The straps feel great too.  When I went to turn it on, I wasn’t sure if I wanted it on my wrist or just sitting there during set-up.  I opted to put it on to start getting used to having it on my wrist.  It was a little hard to put on the first time.  It has a pretty genius watch strap design, but like I said, it takes a little getting used to. Also, unexpectedly, my wrist began to hurt almost right away.  It became fatigued very fast.  I wonder if this will go away.  I will keep an eye on it. The watch, however, does feel great on my wrist!

So far, here are my first thoughts:

  1. Heavy box.
  2. Awesome packaging.  As usual.
  3. Seems incredibly well built and beautiful design.  Something I would proudly wear.
  4. Lightweight on my wrist. Not uncomfortable at all.
  5. My wrist is already a little sore from turning it to look at it.  Not sure if that will change.
  6. Watch straps feel good and seem very secure on my wrist.
  7. It’s true. I do feel cool and very progressive wearing it.  Can’t lie.

Stay tuned for my next entry.  I will share about the set up, my first time wearing it and using it.

Have a question you want me to answer?  Shoot me a comment and I will do my best!