Podcast Episode 1 – Brad Rodriguez

“The more consistent you are the better results you’re gonna see.”  – Brad Rodriguez

Brad Rodriguez has been a great friend of mine for a few years now and is the dude behind the growing site and woodworking how-to brand, Fix This Build That.  Fix This Build That is a mixture of DIY level and Professional Level woodworking plans and tool reviews.  Housed in his garage that overflows with wood scraps and tools, Brad leads an army of dedicated followers online through how to videos, techno performance videos (you have to see one of these), quality photos and is not shy to share others work as well.

Brad has grown his blog, his Instagram following (140,000 and counting!), his Facebook, all out of his garage.  Also, if that’s not enough, this is all on the side! He is a family man and has a full time job. I hope you enjoy our conversation as we talk about how he started, the process of picking a name, as well as down to his favorite creation to date.

You can find Brad here.



Here are the links to everything we talked about.

Napster. Lime wire.


Marc Spagnuolo (the Wood Whisperer)

Jay Bates (Jay’s Custom Creations)

Bob Clagett (I like to make stuff)



 Go to essentials – 25:51

Phone – Android Samsung Galaxy S6

Apps – Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics, Instagram

Camera – Rebel XTI then bought a Cannon 70D

Camera Lens – Sigma 18-34mm, Cannon 50mm, Canon 10-18mm

Adobe – Lightroom, Premier, Etc.

Best Purchase under $100

Shotgun microphone – Sure VP83





Great Quotes:

“The Struggle is real” – Instagram shirt (Should we make this? Let me know in the comments!)

“Having it out there is better than nothing”

“Done is better than perfect”

“Ordinary life but extraordinary is going on inside”


Still wandering what this Podcast is all about? Check out my Intro Episode where I share for 7 minutes a little bit of background on it and share where we are headed.




Since I am just starting out with this Podcast, please let me know what you think, especially if you have more questions you want answered, topics covered, or recommended guests!

7 Replies to “Podcast Episode 1 – Brad Rodriguez”

  1. This is horrible. In a really good way. I’m about to leave a REALLY long comment. I apologize in advance.

  2. Travis Gilley says:

    Oh boy, where to begin! Let me first say, I truly wish I could have been in that room while you guys were doing the interview. Andrew, that was a fantastic first episode. It felt as if I was sitting there right next to you and I kept wanting to blurt out replies to things you were talking about. Very relevant stuff.

    I honestly have no idea how to go about leaving this comment because I was so engaged with the content. I literally took the time to listen to the episode again because I didn’t have anything to take notes on the first time. So I’ll start with a couple comments (those things I wanted to blurt out while you and Brad were speaking) and then I’ll end with a few questions:
    – I’m in the exact spot you’re talking about when it comes to “Can’t quit the day job. Doing this on the side.” I like the way you phrased it… The “side hussle”
    – Never thought about the tip of keeping the name 15 characters or less. I’m working on a name as we speak and it checks out! Only 10 characters *thumbs up*
    – “The more consistent you are, the better results you’re gonna see.” I’m definitely going to start working on that when it comes to Instagram.
    – I completely agree with the whole idea that the excitement level dies when you aren’t posting something in the moment. I’ve never been able to plan out a post without getting disinterested and moving on.
    – I always ask myself the same question Brad mentioned. Why would people watch my stuff when you have amazing people like Brad Rodriguez, Jay Bates, and Mark Spagnuolo to go to? I appreciate Brad’s encouragement in that you can always jump into the pond as a small fish and grow from there.
    – Garages are the start. Haha, I had to laugh when thinking of my woodworking journey thus far. In my first apartment, we had a big closet that I deemed “the shed”. I cut out a piece of plywood and put it on the floor so the carpet wouldn’t get ruined and made some shelves. Voila! My own mini garage. Nowadays I actually have a mini garage. I dream of the day I can ban cars from my workshop. Until then, you just make it work!
    – Perfection: I am SO AFRAID of things not going exactly as I plan them. It definitely holds me back. My thoughts go as follows, “Well, I don’t have the right tools to make that mortise and tenon work so I might as well wait.” And then the thought changes to “Well, I have the tools but I don’t know the proper technique so I shouldn’t waste the wood. Back to YouTube or books to make sure I do it perfectly when I make my first attempt.” These fears are silly and I really need to push forward to practice, whether or not it’s perfect, because the first time just ISN’T going to be exactly what I want! Yeesh.
    – Andrew, you and I must be cut from the same cloth! I got my degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies too! No way!
    – I also just so happen to have started using Sketchup about a month ago. YouTube has been my friend. If you’re spending 30 minutes a day, then you’ve probably already surpassed my skills.

    1. How has NO ONE been walking through Home Depot and said hi to Brad?! Not recognized on the streets?? How is that possible Brad?
    2. How do you two fit family time into the mix? With such a busy schedule (Brad – 7AM to 7PM?), how do you make time for your wife and the kids?
    3. How do either of you transfer your edited content to Instagram? Do you take the photo on the camera, edit in LR(etc.), and then copy to phone for a post? Does it take a lot of time?

    1. Andrew says:

      Travis, thanks for the novel! Haha. Really glad you enjoyed the podcast. I’ll let Brad chime in on some answers if he would like, but yea, I would encourage you to just keep going for it! You can perfect things as you go along. Thanks again for taking time to listen and interact!

      1. Travis Gilley says:

        Yeah about that. I apologize for my lengthy responses. Haha.

        I forgot to mention, you should definitely make the Instagram shirt.

      2. Andrew says:

        Right on. I would love it.

    2. Brad says:

      Travis, this fires me up that you related so much to the podcast! Thanks for the direct feedback and laying yourself out there too. To answer your questions 1. Maybe I need to start wearing my FTBT shirt every time I go. 🙂 2. I get home around 6pm and from then to about 8:30 or 9 it’s all family time . When kids are asleep I head to the shop or the computer. Wife and I have found our groove in this. 3. I take on my 70D, wireless zap to phone, edit in IG as necessary. Only light editing is needed.

      Thanks again for the awesome feedback, man. If something I said pushes you to action then we’re all winning.


      1. Travis Gilley says:

        Winning indeed. Thanks so much for the info Brad! I really appreciate your time 🙂

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