My Camera Gear

I am often asked what my camera gear consists of for Field Treasure Designs.  Well, it’s a little complicated because I just upgraded a lot of my gear.  I’m gonna talk to you about what I started out using, what a I used now and a few tips I have figured out along the way.

I first started with my iPhone.  I’ll talk about that down below.  As far as a DSLR camera goes, here is what I started out with:


I bought my sisters old Canon Rebel Body which came with two lenses.

18mm-55mm f/5.6 zoom lens
75mm-300mm f/4.0 zoom lens

But what really changed the game was when I bought the EF 50mm f/1.8 fixed lens.  That is the lens game changer.  If you are wanting to up your game and already have a compatible camera body, get this lens.  It’s just over $100 and well worth it.

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After time, I wanted to begin the upgrade process.  So I took the leap and moved up to what you see below.  I will talk about the camera body and lenses and then talk about some accessories as well.


Now I shoot with a Canon 50D.  Some might call this old and outdated.  The big thing to remember is that the gear does not make the photographer.  The photographer uses the gear to become better.  Obviously, the higher camera you upgrade to, things might become easier, but don’t kid yourself.  If you can’t use your old DSLR camera or even your iPhone well, don’t think that expensive gear is going to fix that.  Use what you can and learn with what you have.

My Camera Body:  Canon 50D with Battery Grip
This camera body gives me all that I need for my level of photography.  I am not trying to impress anyone.  I need a quality body that I can continue to learn and practice on.

My Lens Set:

Canon 50mm f/1.4 fixed
Shown Top Left.
This is my go to lens for products and people.

Canon 24mm f/2.8 fixed
Shown at Bottom.
This is my secondary product lens if I don’t have enough room to capture the subject.  Also a great every day compact lens.

Canon 10-18mm f/f/4.5-5.6 zoom lens
Shown above 24mm and below Camera Body.
This is a great “space is limited” lens if I want to get the full shop or a room or a lot of items.  It is going to maximize what I can show you through the lens in a photo.

Other Accessories:

Battery Grip
This is what makes my camera body look so big.  The two reasons I like it is 1) I can store an extra battery inside which doubles my battery life of the camera and 2) It allows more grip for my hands that are a little big to be able to use the camera a little more effectively.

Mefoto Globetrotter Travel Tripod (Titanium)
My go to for product shots when a perfectly still image is needed or if I need to repeat many photos with different objects.  Also great for capturing a photo that has me in it and no one is around to hold the camera.
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Pedco Ultrapod Lightweight Tripod
This is the perfect mini tripod for when I need to stabilize an image and am on the go or don’t have much space.  It’s super easy to carry along anywhere.
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Focus F1 Rapid Camera Strap
When you start buying camera gear that is a bit more expensive, you want to make sure you don’t drop it.  Also, because I am super involved with my photogrpahy, meaning I am moving objects around and changing lighting (which I will explain more later), instead of setting my camera down, I can let it hang easily and out of the way by my side.  I can’t recommend this strap enough.  It is also very affordable.
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Book Book iPhone 6 Case by 12South
I love this case.  I will post a review soon about it!
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Obviously the iPhone is the most powerful tool we have and can be the same for photography.  I use my iPhone a lot in many different ways and consider it indispensable.  I also use the VSCO app for shooting and editing photos on my iPhone.  I will talk about how I use my iPhone for photography and social media in another post.  In that post, I will talk about my secret weapon.  Shown below.


Hope this helped! Are there other questions you have or things you want to know?