Episode 2 – Bill Mitchell of Billiam Jeans

“My goal has never been to sprint, it’s been to learn.” – Bill Mitchell


My guest today is my friend Bill Mitchell, also known by nickname “Billiam”.  Bill owns and runs Billiam Jeans, which is a denim and apparel company that sells all over the world.

Bill started tailoring jeans in a basement in 2009 and by the end of that year had a waiting list of over 400 orders!

I really think you are going to love the conversation we have.  Bill has a contagious and magnetic personality, he’s creative and loves to try new things. This all makes for an awesome show today where we explore lots of different things.

Topics include:

  • How Billiam Jeans got started
  • Book list
  • Philosophy of doing business
  • Patience
  • Adding more consciousness to your week
  • Denim company list
  • Connecting with customers and followers as well as
  • And… we unpack his gear bag!

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Now, enjoy the show!




Here are the links to everything we talked about:

Book Recommendations – 10:30

Denim Recommendations – 14:32

Billiam Jeans Story – 21:10

Tech Bag and Tool Kit – 52:15



Great Quotes:

“If you go to sleep an hour later and wake up and hour earlier, throughout the week you get an extra week of consciousness.”

“I take a little bit from everybody and make my own thing.”

“I started clothes one day and then it turned into a full fledged jean company with no training, financial investment, backing or anything.”

“Do everything off cash”

“I’m waiting to be sued by Will I Am.”

“It’s about starting the company as honestly as possible.”

“It’s gonna be more personality based than picture based.”  40:30

“Don’t be scared.”

“I’m having chocolate milk.”

“Personality is how you sell product.”


Have you listened to Episode 1?  I interview Brad Rodriquez of Fix This Build That and we have an awesome conversation about how to start something on the side.



As always, please let me know in the comments what you liked, how I can continue tweaking this new Podcast.  I’d also love any guest recommendations you might have!


2 Replies to “Episode 2 – Bill Mitchell of Billiam Jeans”

  1. Travis Gilley says:

    Another success with Episode 2! Wow. I gotta say, when I first started listening I didn’t think I was going to get as much out of it because we were hearing from a jean company as opposed to a woodworking/diy company. (I’ve never owned a pair of button up jeans in my life haha) Boy was I wrong.

    Bill made a a great point near the end of the episode that I was thinking about halfway through the interview. To paraphrase, “Check out other people’s stuff. If you’re a woodworker, maybe you start looking at someone who makes doilies or something.” Needless to say, I’m a woodworker that’s starting to follow someone who makes jeans. Thanks Bill for some great insight.

    The real eye opener for me was the piece about people over product. It isn’t about the product as much as it’s about the people behind the product/the people that support your product. The thought of posting pictures of your customers is so cool. I’m definitely using that. “It can’t be all about you. It starts with your friends and family.” That’s so true in that everything I’ve done so far has been through the support of friends and family. What a great thought.

    One question I threw out to Andrew a little bit ago was all about my approach to “officially” starting things. I’ve been so caught up in the details. I appreciate the push to just get out there and go. That and Bill’s idea of “Start as honestly as possible and learn as much as you can”.

    Great takeaways this week!

    1. Andrew says:

      Travis, so glad this episode ended up being a great one for you. (By the way, button fly is the way to go! Just saying.) You are right about Bill. He is a great dude and definitely someone great to follow. Now go start something! -andrew

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