Episode 4 – Odin Clack of Odin Leather Goods

“I’m trying to maximize the time I do have.” – Odin Clack


When Odin had a child in the hospital (don’t worry, it ended up all good), he took a few minutes to breath and drove around town.  During that drive he stopped into a leather store called Tandy Leather.  Odin Leather Goods was born that day. Literally.  No lie. (You’ll hear more details on this story in this episode.)

I have been watching Odin with his side business for many years now and I am exited to have him on the show today.  He is a family man, has a full time marketing job in Dallas, Texas and runs Odin Leather Goods out of his garage on the side.  He is a true example for so many out there trying to add a side business or side hustle to their life.

We have a great conversation because not only is Odin super personal and fun but he also has a wealth of experience of a normal guy doing something awesome.  His leather work is high quality and his brand has become very strong.  He has sold goods all over the world but, he maintains a desire to keep Odin Leather Goods as a side project, which I think you will really like learning about.

We had a great time talking about his story, his products, his methodology, as well as how he prioritizes big areas of life.

Topics include:

  • How Odin started Odin Leather Goods
  • Juggling Family, Full Time Work and Side Business
  • How Odin is a “Stubborn Hack” (I love this concept!)
  • Products he makes as well as which is the most challenging
  • The evolution of Odin’s brand and logo
  • How Odin keeps track of ideas and notes
  • How we both went to college at Texas A&M University. Go figure?!
  • The importance of branding
  • How to flush out ideas and gain clarity on them

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Now, enjoy the show! (Below are all the show notes and links.)

Here are the links to everything we talked about:

Various Mentions


Great Quotes: (all quotes are Odin’s unless mentioned otherwise)

“I make handmade leather goods in a small workshop, i.e. my garage.”

“I’m doing full time part time.”

“My whole marketing plan has been to just share good stuff.”

“My business is growing very organically, and I think that’s what makes it enjoyable.”

“We gotta make sure we are always driving value into our day.”

“Odin Leather Goods is definitely a proving ground for a lot of my ideas.”

“I don’t do a lot of TV watching.”

“I’m just another guy who was too stubborn not to give up on leatherwork.”

“I’m just a guy in a garage.”

“It took a lot for me to put my work out there for anyone to buy, because I didn’t think it was good enough.”

“The key is to stick to what I know, stick to what I like.”

“Are you adding value to me or are you costing me money?”

“Find clarity.”

“I’ve had designs that I have been thinking about for a year.”

“I’m trying to maximize the time I do have.”

“Garages is where it’s at.”

“There are some phenomenal artists working out of some of the smallest spaces.”


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As always, please let me know in the comments what you liked, how I can continue tweaking this new Podcast.  I’d also love any guest recommendations you might have!