The Field Treasure Show Podcast with Andrew Bacon

Andrew Bacon has been running Field Treasure Designs for years, but his newest endeavor is by far his favorite. He launched her podcast, The Field Treasure Show, in January of 2017 and has seen it continue to grow each month and reach thousands of listeners with every episode. Currently, it has been downloaded over 7,000 times and has only 5 episodes! Listen on iTunes HERE or Spotify HERE

The Field Treasure Show is geared towards Andrew in 2011. That might sound strange, but he has a passion to encourage the person trying to start something on the side.  Whether you are looking to start something, need business advice, craft advice, Andrew loves interviewing awesome people who have tried, failed and succeeded.   Each week Andrew invites another fellow side hustler to the show to hang out and talk in order to draw out the inspirational stories, the tips, the tricks and advice that anyone who wants to create their own business or hobby.  Past guests have included: Brad Rodriguez, John Malacki, Bill Mitchell and many more.


Advertising on podcasts is such a great medium for advertisers to reach their audience. Many people are transitioning to listening to audio digitally, and that is only going to grow more and more as technology improves. Podcasting is something that you can listen to whenever and wherever, and therefore your message gets to more people right where they are in their day to day life.

There are three different options available for podcast sponsorships. Pre-roll, Mid-roll, & Post-roll. The Field Treasure Show podcast content is evergreen and each month there are new listeners listening to old issues. People love binge listening to shows, so you can guarantee your ad spots will be heard for long after the release date.

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