Our Next Chapter

*BACON FAMILY UPDATE* by Founder, Andrew Bacon

It’s safe to say that since this past October we have been on a roller coaster as a family. And the 2 years before that were no picnic either. 🙂  After resigning from Pine Cove, I walked into a huge fog as I journeyed into the unknown attempting to process the recent past and trying to figure out the future. 

After a lot of conversations, some counseling and resume updates I still had no idea what was next or what God was doing.  I tried to keep Field Treasure Designs going on the side but it was not going well.  Thankfully, in January I was given the opportunity to do some consulting work with a great organization called Boosterthon during my intermission until June. The leaders of Booster allowed me to contribute to their company while being gracious with me while I attempted to figure out my future for myself and my family. I will always be grateful for that and everyone I met there. I made some great new friends. As I wrap up my time with Booster, I’m happy to report that two things have been made abundantly clear over the last 6 months…

1) The job of expanding Pine Cove to SC took more out of my family and I than I am able to put into words. While it is hard for me to admit, we are dealing with true burn-out and depression as a result of the journey. 

2) A drastic lifestyle and career shift needs to happen for me and my family to begin the healing process. (I was not aware of this when I attempted to “reboot” Field Treasure Designs with my last post back in March.)

That being said… 

This summer (mid to late June), we are moving to Lincoln, Nebraska. Brooke (my wife) is from there, went to the University of Nebraska and we have a good network of friends and her side of the family there that we are excited to re-engage with in order to heal and move forward as a family.

As far as work goes, contrary to what many have said, I am not doing Field Treasure Designs. That was never a plan to do full-time. It has always been a hobby. But even as a hobby it is going away. We are no longer making and selling items online and I am systematically shutting it down in its former form. (You may have seen my huge insta-garage-sale over the last few weeks.)  FTD will still live on in an instagram form as my Instagram, but that might be it for a while.  Maybe more of a lifestyle design type of thing. I have no clue.  Anyhow, I have decided to simplify my life for the time being in many ways. The old life cannot fit into the new one. (Mark 2)  I am doing everything I can to walk away from old idols of identity in order to have a fresh start in Christ and in my family as we head to Nebraska. 

For work, I am taking much needed time away from organizational and ministry leadership and I am going to pursue a career in Real Estate. I am joining the great group Bancwise Real Estate in Lincoln, and I cannot wait to learn, grow and contribute with their team as we serve people in all walks of life with the buying and selling of land and homes. 

It’s hard to put into words how difficult this journey has been since leaving Texas and we are trying hard to be transparent about it because very few actually talk out loud about this issue before it is too late. (An unfortunate discovery of mine since going through this.) However, we trust that God has done a good work in our lives while here in SC. He even blessed us with a son while we were here!

We also know and believe that there are many here locally and around the country that did their best to support us during this mission of planting Pine Cove in SC and we are grateful. But our job is done.  We are ready to go. Ready to move forward. And eager to start healing. 

Ministry and job burn out is real and I am still processing how to deal with it and talk about it. Thank you all for your patience, prayers and support. 

To my Field Treasure Designs/Instagram Community, you have been more encouraging and supportive through this difficult journey than you know.  I am blown away by how God has used you in my life through a crazy platform of social media.  Thank you. 

Into the next chapter we go…





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6 thoughts on “Our Next Chapter

  1. Dear Andrew I’ve been following your Instagram-Account for a while now. Reading about that you are dealing with depression and burn-out issues, I’d like to reach out to you. Two years ago I went trough some sort of depression and the reason was fear. Fear of the future, fear I could not handle my job, fear my abilities and the craft I learned wouldn’t be enough to take care of my family. In this time I was leading a small workshop within a drug rehab centre. A big part if the job was pioneer work. Trying to get the workshop to a sertain standard, developing fancy products and within that, working with the clients during their therapy. I soon found out I’m not much of a pioneer.
    To make it short: Seeing your simple but realy good locking products inspired and helped me to not give up to quick. I want to let you know, that in my time of depression and fear your ideas you, posted on insta, gave me hope and got me to be crestive and move on. Thanks for that!
    I wish you courage and strength, a fresh start and time to heal. To you and your family!

    The peace of God and his love may carry you.

    All the best to you from Switzerland!

    • Phil, Thank you for reaching out and for sharing. I really appreciate the encouragement. It’s so cool how we can relate and encourage even over such great distances. Thanks again and please stay in touch!

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