How To Make A Stencil

Making stencils is not too hard, if you have the right tools, a good image to work with and a steady hand.  

First, you need the right type of material to use as your stencil.  I use Grafix Matte Dura- Lar Film which is matte and .005 thick which is a good size.  I buy it in booklets at 11-inch by 14-inch.  If you want to run these through a printer you’ll have to bust out the scissors to trim them down a bit to make them 8.5 x 11 inches.









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Next you need a good stencil cutter which is usually a burner. I started with an exact-o knife on a cutting mat and after my hands begin to hurt, I researched new methods.

Now I am smart and  I use the Wall Lenk L12SCK.

It is pretty straight forward. You just plug it in, wait for it to heat up and go.







Mine would get really hot and once it burned my hand, so after I waited for it to apologize,  we made up and I took some athletic tape and wrapped it around where I grip it.  This also helps with holding it steady.









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All that is left is to cut out your drawing by tracing your lines or creating your own as you cut.  Go slow and steady. Use a metal ruler for straight lines.

**Important reminder!** You will need a glass or granite type of surface to cut your stencils on as you will burn any other surface.

#PROTIP: Take out a piece of glass from an old picture frame.


That’s it. No go try to make a stencil and have fun!

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