Going Back to Our Roots by Founder Andrew Bacon

If you have been a follower of Field Treasure Designs for long enough, you have probably seen an evolution of change and a struggle to stay alive. For those of you who value authenticity and change, you probably didn’t mind.  For those of you who value consistency and purity of brand, you have probably unfollowed @fieldtreasuredesigns by now.  Over its 6 year life span, Field Treasure Designs has gone from hand-made items sold in an Etsy store, to an online retailer of home goods and curated products to lifestyle brand to resource for small business to DIY content to home remodel to construction to travel and back again.  At the close of 2014, Field Treasure Designs had an identity to be proud of.  Today, as I look back over the last 2.5 years, I can’t say the same.  The FTD identity has been hard to come by.  That is mainly due to the disruption and passion sapping situation my family and I have been in since April 2015 when we took a new full time job that would lead us on a very difficult journey.  Today the lack of identity changes. Before I explain, I’d love to share the brief history of Field Treasure Designs:

October, 2011 – I, (Andrew) bought my first home with my wife and one daughter and decided to turn my garage into a workshop, making things for my home. (We had been living in a very small home in order to pay off $50,000 f debt and then save for this first home.) The very first item I made was a floating bedside shelf out of real pallet wood from a pallet I found.

November, 2011 – I (Andrew) decided to create and Etsy account and see if anyone would like to buy a shelf online.  I sold my first shelf to my first online customer in Brooklyn, NY.  I then felt the need to name my company and make it a solid brand.  Field Treasure Designs was born and the iconic Hammer & Shovel Logo came soon after.  More on the story behind the name in the next post when it comes out…

March, 2012 – My wife saw a clock on Pinterest that she thought I could make a little better and package better, and the Field Treasure Designs original gangster product launched – the Reclaimed Pallet Clock.

December, 2012 – Sales were great but Etsy was limited, so I developed my own website with the help of a friend in Nashville named John.  John and I built my stand alone website where you are reading this blog.  fieldtreasuredesigns.com was launched in an effort to diversify online sales, have better customization and be able to connect with my FTD audience better. (We still use Etsy to serve that market.)

2013-2014 – Sales steadily grew and Instagram began to really grow through giveaways and great connections.  I ran Field Treasure Designs on the side (nights and weekends).

2015 – I was given a new assignment for my full time work which required me to relocate with family and Field Treasure Designs from my garage shop in Texas to South Carolina.  Although sales remained strong through the 2015 holidays, Field Treasure Designs began to suffer due to unfamiliar settings, lack of passion and lack of energy from moving into a temporary shop causing all systems for making and shipping to have to be reinvented.

Spring 2016 – I moved again, this time to Clemson.  We then begin two full time pursuits side by side – Building an $8 million dollar resort camp to be launched summer of 2017 and flipping our entire home we bought in Clemson.  Field Treasure Designs was now on a respirator in the hospital, barely alive.

November 2016 – My wife and I welcomed our son into the world which would be their 3rd child. The home remodel is nearly complete except the basement floods and their is still much work to be done outside.

December 2016 – I attempt to take Field Treasure Designs in a new direction by eliminating products and trying to focus on content.  OUCH! I launched a podcast to huge success but ultimately discovered (months later) that I am not a content creator and Field Treasure Designs is a brand, not a content source.

January – August 2017 – Field Treasure Designs takes a major back seat to my full time work which at times required 14 hour days, developing and launching a camp called Chimney Point on Lake Hartwell in South Carolina.  Other than a few shots of the commercial project, home remodel and maybe a few products, Instagram and webmail followers didn’t get much from Field Treasure Designs.  I am pretty sure that many of my devoted followers were very confused.  Many relationships were broken, and I didn’t engage with Instagram for months.

Fall 2017 – The camp was successfully built, programmed and launched and our house was almost finished, I entered the Fall with mega ministry and work burn out and entered into a depression I had never known.  I decided to resign from my full time work after 12 years, looking for the next thing.  Field Treasure Designs, not being the income generator to support a family continued to fall to the way side.   I pursued real estate as well as some consulting to pay the bills while attempting to heal from the past 2.5 years of moving twice, new job, new baby, building and lunching a mega camp and remodeling a home all in a brand new location. To say we were fried is an understatement.

Field Treasure Designs was now losing 100’s of followers a day, indicating something was wrong.

Today (Mark 6, 2018) – Field Treasure Designs is reborn.  I admire so many people and brands out there today but have realized that when my passion suffered over the last few years, it was all to easy to put on the mask of someone else whether a person or brand I love.  It was far too easy to attempt to be “like” a content creator, a youtuber, a “woodworker”, a traveler or anyone else I saw seeming to have success.  But Field Treasure Designs is not any of those.  At its roots, Field Treasure Designs exists to Uncover an Old Love with Solid Goods.  My old love is making and finding awesome things and either making them or cutting them to sell to you!  Field Treasure Designs is a brand.  It represents a lifestyle of creativity and finding a way to make a passion into a reality.  That’s what the hammer and the shovel stand for.  Dig it up and work at it!  Field Treasure is not DIY. It is not home remodel.   It is a brand and a store to bring things into your life to wear, to use or to decorate with.   Sure, the market is SATURATED, but so is the chicken market and the cell phone market.  This is who Field Treasure Designs is and who we will stay, for better or for worse.

I hope you find something you like here in the shop or on our Instagram feed. If not, more for me!







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8 thoughts on “Going Back to Our Roots by Founder Andrew Bacon

  1. Good stuff. Those feeling resonate as all-too-familiar. Direction is not easy to find, it’s encouraging to hear that you’re finding yours.

    I’ve followed on IG from a distance. Just wanted to comment and give you some encouragement. God’s always at work, you already know that, but I can see it from here that He’s working in and through you.

    Build on…

    • Dave, thanks for the kind words. I totally agree and appreciate the reminder of the bigger picture! Thanks for being a part. -AB

  2. Man I appreciate your honesty and transparency in this so much. Not sure when I started following, but it feels like it’s been a long time. Currently drinking coffee from the FTD mug and have a clock hanging in my office at the church where I serve.

    I can absolutely relate to the grind, pace, and overwhelming weariness at times. Praying this refocus will give you much needed encouragement and refreshment.

    No real great words of wisdom to give other than to say stay at it, and you have many more who are in your corner than you realize. Will be praying for you my friend—well…it feels like we’re friends anyway 🙂

    • Thank you, Jody. So pumped that you are still enjoying your mug. Yes, the grind is real. Thanks for taking time to send some kind words. Much love. AB

  3. Dude. So happy your are finding yourself and owning what you believe to be true. Thanks for the honest and rawness and real life. Praying things work together frest for you who are called according to His purposes.

  4. Hey Andrew! Been following you for a good while! Keep up the work and God will lead. Even though you say your not a content creator the podcasts are fun to listen to!

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