I know, I’ve said some big things.  “New Direction” “No More Products” So here’s a little FAQ to help you calm your nerves.

You said “no more products”.  Are you for real? Are you really not making and selling anything again?

That’s not entirely true.  I went extreme to make a point.  I am moving away from being a “maker/seller”.  I am moving into being a “designer/coach”.  I still love to make things, but the focus will not be on mass products.  I will probably only make small batches of items, list them for sale for fun and then move on with life and back into coaching/writing to help you out!

What the heck is the “3 Circle Life Approach” again?

I’ll explain this more later.

Can I buy a freaking clock?

Sure.  Whenever I make one and list it for sale and you beat 500 people to the site and check out before they do.  I have no idea when that will be.

So you don’t run Field Treasure Designs as your only job?

Nope. Never have. That’s the whole point of the 3 Circle Life thingy I’m talking about!

What’s next?

Read this post.  It helps you.  If you still don’t get it, email me at andrew ‘at’ fieldtreasuredesigns ‘dot’ com.

You are awesome.

Thanks! But leaving a comment on a blog post is what really fills the love tank.