Backyard Deck Renovation

Deck Renovation After 3

This backyard deck renovation project was sponsored by The Home Depot, Ryobi Tools & Kreg Tool. My Backyard Deck Renovation After remodeling nearly my entire house over the last year, I finally tackled the challenge of renovating our backyard deck. Full confession: I thought it would take me about two weeks to complete, but rather it

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Episode 5 – John Malecki

“I’m completely self taught. I learned how to make furniture on youtube.” – John Malecki // John Malecki (@john_malecki) is a self taught furniture maker and entrepreneur who has made the leap from the NFL to full time self employment in the Maker Space.  We have an awesome conversation talking about his transition from the NFL to

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Episode 3 – Brian Preston of Lamon Luther

“What do I want to be known for?” – Brian Preston // My guest today is my friend Brian Preston, who describes himself as a social entrepreneur who leverages free enterprise in order to help others.  He does this specifically through his companies Lamon Luther and Shelter Supply Company. Brian started Lamon Luther (which is a furniture company) in January

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Podcast Episode 1 – Brad Rodriguez

“The more consistent you are the better results you’re gonna see.”  – Brad Rodriguez Brad Rodriguez has been a great friend of mine for a few years now and is the dude behind the growing site and woodworking how-to brand, Fix This Build That.  Fix This Build That is a mixture of DIY level and Professional Level woodworking

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How to Untangle Your Week

“You can’t steer a parked car.”  -unknown My Week Needs Untangling (reading time: 4 min) Even with all the planning I have done, I am still feeling like this fish, caught in a web of everything in my life when it comes to each week.  Family, kids, small business, work, hobby, reading, people and an assortment of other things

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A New Direction

Thanks for checking out where I’m heading next with Field Treasure Designs!  (From now on ‘Field Treasure Designs’ will be mentioned as FTD) Here is a brief recap of our story for context: FTD Brief Timeline (reading time: 3 min) *Throughout this timeline I am, 1) married with a growing family, 2) working full time at an organization

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